The information contained on this website has been compiled with great care by pharmacists and doctors. But information can change.

It is therefore imperative that you always read the patient information leaflet before you start taking any medicine, and that you check that the product you have ordered has been supplied in the correct strength and in the correct form.

We (i.e. this website, Eurodoctors, its affiliated doctors and pharmacies/pharmacists this website works with) are only able to supply prescription medicines on the basis of a prescription written by a doctor registered in the Netherlands.

We cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the diagnosis and/or treatment given.

The pharmacy is responsible for ensuring that the correct medication, in the correct amount and the correct strength is supplied to the correct patient.

Product liability lies solely with the manufacturer.

The user and/or purchaser is responsible for the correct choice and use of self-medication drugs and other pharmaceutical products which are available without a prescription.

No diagnostic or therapeutic value should therefore be inferred from the information we provide about such products.

That information can never be a substitute for a consultation with or treatment by your doctor, but should be seen merely as general product information provided by the manufacturer or importer.



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